Everything You Need to Know on Same Day Pay Day Cash Loans

It doesnʼt matter on the time of year, it could rain or shine any time. Financial situations could be the same. Everybody sometimes have unexpected financial expenses, that they didnʼt save up money for. Some people are wary of cash loans, mostly because they have only heard rumors about how it works, but never really found out what it can do for you. Here is everything you should know about cash loans:

What Exactly is A Cash Loan?

Different people as well as different companies use different names for cash loans, Cash advance, cash loan, payday loan or many other. No matter how you call it, itʼs all the same meaning. A cash loan is usually not a huge amount of money, can range from $100 to $1000 and is give quicker than other loans. The amount of money you could get varies from lenders and of the laws in each state.

Application Process

At iloansnow.com, you are able to see an application form where you simply fill out and began your loan process. After you have submitted an application you than will be directed to another page where you will be pre-approved from many instant loan lenders in our network. You will be able to see the fees, charges and rates they have to choose from, for what best fits you. You may research any potential lenders at Better Business Bureau or Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
iloansnow.com is not a lender, we only offer a free facilitator; where we connect you with the best installment loan lenders from your information. As soon as you have selected the lender that best fits your needs, you sign a contract with them and could receive your cash in your account the next day.
After you start repaying the loan, usually lenders will offer a automatic repayment from your bank account.
You can still be approved for an instant installment loans if you have bad credit, no credit or good credit.

Online application takes less than 5minutes to complete, and usually you know in an hour or so if you are approved or not. Your personal information is secure at iloansnow.com, we use Verisign, McAfee Secure, and Truste. This site is tested daily to ensure you of your protection.


There are some requirements to be approved for a loan:
You must be a US citizen or a permanent resident
Be at least 18years of age
Have a valid bank account, in your name
Provide proof of income, for example a paystub
Have a valid email address and contact number

Consumer Resource

Each state creates their own laws regarding loans. Some states even prohibited the business. Visit the our iloansnow.com consumer resource for more information.

Why you may need a Cash loan with iloansnow.com

Customers who apply for loans need the money for different things. Most common reasons are usually related to financial expenses that are unexpected.

We are here to help you

When you apply for a cash loan, we understand itʼs your own private situation. Bank locations usually inquire the reason of loans. iloansnow.com does not. Your information is confidential and is 100% secure.

There could be a Debt Cycle

Some people have poor spending habits when getting a cash loan. A cash loan is a short term solution. Some who barrow donʼt really prepare themselves for repayment of what they borrowed and worst is when some people start taking out more loans to repay the previous loans also known as the debt cycle. To avoid this cycle plan ahead on how you will be repaying the loan. Count your budget, and stick to your plan.

Maximize your Loan

You may want to learn about the loans, on your rights and about the business. iloansnow.com tries to inform customers about cash loans.
Here is a few quick tips: Before you apply for a cash loan make sure you can pay back the amount; Donʼt treat your loan as a gift; spend your cash loan exactly as you planned; donʼt extravagance your cash loan.
Keep these things in mind when you receive your cash.


iloansnow.com makes it easy to apply for a loan and very quick. You donʼt need to leave your house, there is rarely something you need to fax or mail, the application process takes a few minutes unless you are a returning customer, which is even faster process.

iloansnow.com offers a free application for a cash loan, apply and find out if itʼs the right solution for you!

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