Frequently Asked Questions on Quick Cash Payday Loans

Q: What are Quick Cash Payday Loans?

A: Lenders in our network provide short term cash loans also known as Pay Day Loans. To qualify you would need a source of income, to be able to repay the loan. Payday Loans usually range between $100 – $1,000 each loan.

Q: Are Cash Payday Loans be called any other way?

A: Pay Day Loans are also called cash loans, cash advance, check cashing, deferred deposit, short term loans, bad credit loans, payroll advance. There may be more other names meaning – a loan to help people when an unexpected finance issue comes up.

Q: If I am Unemployed, could I apply for a Quick Cash Pay Day Loans?

A: No, you may not.

Q: Would I need to have a bank account to apply for Pay Day loans?

A: Lenders do require a bank account, which is used to wire funds for you to use. You should open an account at a bank before applying for a pay day or cash loan.

Q: Could I be eligible for a cash loan if I am in the military?

A: Most likely No.

Q: Could I apply for a pay day cash loan if I am Self Employed?

A: Yes, definitely may.

Q: Could I apply for a cash loan if I am on Benefits?

A: Yes, however when applying you will want to put “Social Security Administration” as your employer.

Q: Can I apply for a cash payday loan regardless of where I resign?

A: Some states are restricted from payday loans. However, itʼs possible to apply for a loan on the internet to obtain a cash loan. Restricted states are Georgia, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia which have other financial choices possible to get cash into your bank account.

Q: What is required to be approved for a Quick Cash Payday loans?

A: You need to earn  at least $750.00 per month; Valid phone number for work and home; Current employment for at least a month; Bank account with your name.

Q: Can I apply for quick cash payday loans if I work on more than one job?

A: As long as your month income is at least $750.00 you are eligible to apply for quick cash payday loans. When filling out your application form list your primary job. If your lender does contact you, let them know you have more than one employer.

Q: When applying online, what can I expect?

A: After you have submitted an application with, you will be referred to a payday loan lender, who then will decide whether there could be an offer of a loan to you. You will know pretty fast, if approved. If you are, you will be presented with the lenderʼs conditions, and terms which will include the rates, fees, repayment options. You will need to choose to accept the loan and sign electronically or decline the loan offer.

Q: How much could I borrow as a cash loan?

A: does not determine how much you could borrow. It is up to the lender which you will be matched with after you submit an application. A cash loan is usually up to $1,000, each lender offers different amount, you do have the option to apply with other lenders to receive what you are looking for.

Q: Could I apply for a Payday loan by telephone?

A: Due to fraud and identity theft, lenders do not accept applications by phone for your protection. Applications need to be submitted online. As soon as you are approved you will receive your lenderʼs phone number, which you may use for contacts.

Q: How much does a same day Pay Day Cash Loan cost?

A: When submitting an application through, there are no charges for you. The lenders will charge you a service fee, if you decide to use their service. Fees, and charges vary from lender to lender. canʼt determine how much will the lender you are matched with will charge you. You will be able to find out after your application is approved and you are matched with a lender. You could however decline the agreement, if the fees donʼt fit your budget. Remember, you are under no obligation.

Q: How much time do I have to repay the loan?

A: It will be between you and the lender to determine when you need to repay the loan. Usually lenders offer a flexible repayment plan, and could be spread out for your convenience.

Q: When will I receive my cash loan after applying?

A: First, fill out an application with, which takes 5 minutes or less. After that you will be sent to a lender who matches your application information best. As soon as the payday loan is processed and you agree to the terms and agreement you should see your cash loan deposited into your bank account which you provided the next business day. Transfer times vary from each lender.

Q: Why does the application ask me for my Bank account number and routing number?

A: Lenders require this bank information in order to wire funds into your account, for your use.

Q: I only have my bank account number, but not the routing number; what should I do?

A: Since you have a bank account number, it means you do have a routing number. You can find the routing number on the bottom of your checks, if you canʼt find it contact your bank for a routing number. You will need it to provide to your lender so you will have your loan funds sent to your bank account.

Q: Will my bad credit effect my cash payday loan?

A: Many of the lenders still give out pay day cash loans to customers who have bad credit or no credit.

Q: Do quick cash payday lenders check my credit history?

A: Lenders who give out cash loans may check credit history, but it usually has no impact on loan approval. This practice varies with lenders, though. If a lender would check, most likely they will check one of the three credit bureaus which include Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion. Some lenders may check other bureaus for credit such as Teletrack, DP bureau or Detax who donʼt have impact on the credit score.

Q: Can you provide me with my lenderʼs contact number?

A: You can find the lenderʼs contact number in the email they sent you upon agreement.

Q: How much money will be withdrawn from my bank account?

A: The pay day loan amount will be withdrawn from your account determines on the agreement you and the lender signed when agreeing to the terms.

Q: After I have accepted the loan offer, what will happen next?

A: After you have accepted the loan offer, you will immediately receive an email that will include lenderʼs customer service phone number, and provide you with further instructions. Sometimes a lender will contact you by phone or the email (could be in your junk/spam box).

Q: What happens after I am approved for pay day cash loan?

A: After you have been approved, you will be directed to loan conditions: repayment period, interest rates, fees, etc. If you choose to accept to the term agreement you will need to put in your electronic signature, and wait for you cash to be deposited into your account. If you choose not to accept the approved loan you have that option. However, keep in mind before canceling that you can not receive another offer from that lender for at least 30 days which is an industry-common practice to protect consumer against predatory lending.

Q: Can you help me with a questions about the company where I have my loan?

A: can not help you with answers about lenders, since we do not have access to them. If you have any question regarding any loan you will need to directly contact your lender.

Q: Does have a contact number?

A: Yes, you can apply for a loan by phone. Note, that is a service at no charge to you, we can only offer you our customer service email address. We are not a lender, which means we can not answer calls on cash loans specifically about your lender. Refer to our Contact Us page for further details.


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