No Credit Check Loans From $100 – $1000

How easy is it?

If you suffer from poor credit you may have found it difficult in the past to get a loan, big or small. However you need worry no longer, as there are now several options to obtain no credit check loans. Currently, most short term loan agencies do not actually carry out credit checks and even if they do, your credit rating often doesn’t even come in to consideration when your application is assessed. As these are short term loans the risk factor involved is normally lower, so lenders are able to offer no credit check loans to those with poor financial history.

Other Requirements

Of course, you will need to fulfil other requirements in order to obtain no credit check loans; just because they don’t take the credit rating into account doesn’t mean a lender will definitely allow taking loans with no credit check. Most importantly you will need to be in current employment and receiving a regular wage. Lenders will need to check this for obvious reasons and if you are currently unemployed you may find it more difficult to take out a short term loan. However in some instances you may still be able to obtain no credit check loans if you are receiving benefit payments. Make sure to make the loan agency aware of this upon application and you could still potentially get approved for a short term loan.

Things to Remember

Whenever you are taking out a short term loan, be it a no credit check loan or not, always remember to check your State borrowing laws. You may not always be eligible to receive a short term loan in the State that you currently reside or may be limited to the amount you can borrow over a short period of time.

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